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Transform Your House and Yard: Outdoor Decoration Ideas with LED Lights


Outdoor Decoration Ideas with LED Lights


In the theatre, directors know that a good lighting designer can create magic. You can create your own kind of magic in your outdoor spaces with beautiful and durable LED lights. Outdoor decoration ideas with LED lights are nearly endless, giving you an opportunity to make your family’s house and backyard uniquely radiant!


First, think of your house as a blank canvas. With permanent LED strip lights tracing the roofline and gables, your home will stand out from the crowd. When unlit, good LED strip lighting is nearly invisible. When lit, it can display a near-endless variety of colours and patterns and can be adjusted for intensity.  Outdoor decoration ideas with LED lights provide endless possibilities to light up your life! Some include: - Christmas lights are just the start! Some uses include using everyday accent lighting, decorating with elegant white light, displaying the colours of your favourite hockey team, permanent LEDs can light up your life!

·       Christmas Lighting and other popular holidays

·       Using elegant white light to highlight outdoor decorations

·       Every day accent lighting

·       Shouting out the colours of a favourite sports team


These long-lasting lights are controlled by a remote, or with an app on your smart phone. No more replacing bulbs, untangling strings, or climbing dangerous extension ladders at holiday time – and LEDs give you the option to celebrate with light every day.


Spotlights can also bring attention to the unique features of your home’s façade. Do you have a particularly beautiful window? A widow’s walk? Charming gingerbread decoration? Pillars? An antique door? Well-placed spotlights, with or without colour accents, can highlight what makes your home distinctive.


Garden and Yard Spaces


Front and backyard spaces can also be made scintillating with LED lights. Here are some outdoor decoration ideas with LED lights:

·       Shine spotlights on a pathway, or illuminate it with strip lighting.

·       Create a glittering, romantic space by lighting a gazebo with colour.

·       Line the walls of flower beds with rows of lights to provide definition and glow.

·       Highlight a special feature such as a fountain or a statue with luminous and colourful LED spots. I

·       f you have topiary, light from above and below to accentuate the unique shapes.

·       Create intimate spaces or grand ones through landscape lighting.


Furthermore, if you have a patio, LED lights create a glamorous dining area with soft lighting. A backyard pool or hot tub can become an oasis in a hectic world – light the pool area with coloured globes, or create a tropical look for the hot tub’s corner.


Add light strips or tiny spotlights to steps and ramps to help ensure safety.


Many people hold outdoor celebrations in their yards. You may be planning for a special birthday, a reunion, an anniversary, or a wedding. LEDs come in a near-infinite range of colours, so it’s easy to match the bridesmaids’ dresses, or your old school colours. Your only limit is your imagination!


Why LED?


LED lights have the advantage when it comes to affordability, durability, and efficiency. LED bulbs are low-cost, low-maintenance, and most last for many years. Lighting professionals can install LEDs quickly and easily, and better companies warranty their products for up to five years.


Consult an LED lighting company to learn more about these beautiful lights. Dazzle friends and family with your outdoor spaces!